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Traumfrau Traummann my dreams of a woman of a man

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I grew up in Sydney, Australia in a wonderful Christian family. When I was eight years old I really felt God calling me into a living relationship with Him. I can still recall the feeling of being propelled forward to give my little heart to Him at a Girls' Brigade meeting at my church. After giving God my heart that night, later in my teens I made a further commitment to Him specifically to wait for my future husband. From that time to this—I have shared from concert stages and platforms all over the world about the importance of waiting for sex within marriage! Many young people have followed this course and have ultimately found—as I have—that there's so much freedom in living within the framework of rules our Creator designed us to live by!

No doubt you have big plans for your life! As a young person in particular reading this, I'm sure you may want all that the world sells us on as 'the cool things' we need to be happy successful and loved. Let me share what I've learned in my own life: Live by God's rules. Wait for His best for your life!

I have a huge passion for the issue of sexual purity—so much so that I've spoken about it from my concert stages all over the world and even written a song and ultimately--a book—Wait For Me—that both speak of my desire to look into my future husband's eye on our wedding day and know the treasure I can bring to our marriage because I waited.

I have been fueled in sharing the abstinence message by seeing so many young people being ripped off by sexual immorality and the major consequences it brings. It's an issue that spans all marital, economic and age barriers to bring pain and destruction to countless lives.

At a time in America when national statistics have recently revealed that a full-on 25% of teen girls between the ages of 14 and 19 are infected with at least one of the major catagories of sexually transmitted diseases, perhaps never as before is the stark contrast drawn on living God's way—or the world's way. His are not just the famous list of Bible “dos” and “don'ts”to cramp our style or take the 'fun' of life as the world media would have us believe.

God's way is the owner's manual that will keep you on track and your life running smoothly. They are a set of instructions on how to live life to the very fullest. His direction through the Bible can help us avoid dangerous detours, dead ends, and paths that lead to places we don't want to go.

The mastermind who created us knows that abstinence until marriage is a very major factor in right choices in the dating process, the groundwork for happier marriages, and ultimately the solid foundation from which children can grow within the framework of the family.

I encourage you to “wait” for His best—in every area of your life!


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Ich wuchs in Sydney, Australien in einer wundervollen Familie auf. Als ich 8 Jahre alt war, fühlte ich, dass Gott mich in eine lebendige Beziehung mit ihm ruft...

Kein Zweifel, du hast große Pläne für dein Leben! Du möchtest all das, was dir die Welt  als “cool” verkauft, all was dich glücklich, erfolgreich und beliebt macht. Darf ich dir mitteilen, was ich in meinem Leben gelernt habe? Wirkliches Leben  erhälst du nur aus seinem Wort und seinem Gebot. Warte auf Sein bestes für dein Leben.

Ich setze mich großer Leidenschaft für die sexuelle Reinheit ein - in meinen Konzerten und meinem Buch “Wait for me”. Ich habe sogar einen Song darüber geschrieben. Es ist mein Wunsch aufrichtig in die Augen meines zukünftigen Ehemanns am Tag der Hochzeit zu schauen. Und so weiß ich, dass ich einen Schatz in unsere Ehe bringen kann, weil ich nur auf ihn gewartet habe.

Zur Zeit sind nach der Statistik in Amerika 25% der Teenager zwischen 14 und 19 Jahren mit Aids infiziert.

Gottes Anweisungen in der Bibel geben uns eine wertvolle Hilfe für ein erfülltes und volles  Leben. Sexuelle Abstinenz vor der Ehe ist ein großer Vorteil bei der Wahl des richtigen Ehepartners und für eine glücklichere Ehe, und nicht zuletzt auch für die Kinder, die in solchen Familien aufwachsen.

Ich ermutige dich zu “warten” auf Sein Bestes für Dich - und das gilt in jedem Lebensabschnitt!

In Liebe,

Deine Rebecca

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